ST0 exemption for Master Dissertation

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  1. arnie_d12

    arnie_d12 Member

    Please can you tell me what your evidence looked like e.g. how long it was and what sections was it split into?

  2. Ashwin Shrivastava

    Ashwin Shrivastava Active Member


    I got this exemption because I have an MBA from a specific list that IFoA refers to. I had to send my transcript along with it.
  3. Roneil Patel

    Roneil Patel Member

    Hi Laura,

    Is there any mark needed for this in the dissertation?
  4. Roneil Patel

    Roneil Patel Member

    can we still get the exemption just from a masters in a field relating? Or do we need to have a thesis?
  5. laura_mils

    laura_mils Active Member

    I’m not sure about the mark, I think they have a mark specified for the other exemptions so may be worth a look at the full guidance on exemptions.
    My sp0 exemption was specifically for my dissertation, it was on health related data, but all the modelling and statistics I used was very relevant to actuarial. I did just straight up msc. Statistics so not an actuarial one.
    I would say read the guidance and if you think at all you are eligible; and your employer is willing to support an application for exemption, you should apply for it as you have nothing to loose!
    Good luck & if worst comes to worst end you have to do the sp it will be useful for your sa anyway! I had to read and learn the one I was exempt from before my sa exam.
  6. laura_mils

    laura_mils Active Member

    I’m honestly not sure - you’re best asking the ifoa and I would always apply if you’re not certain you wouldn’t get the exemption. It’s a few years since I qualified now so am not familiar with the most recent rules.
    Good luck!

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