ST0 exemption for Master Dissertation

Discussion in 'General study / exams' started by moreoomph, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. moreoomph

    moreoomph Member

    Has anyone ever got an ST0 exempion with a Masters Dissertation? What type of topics did you write about?

    I completed a dissertation (MSc Finance) on the subject of the housing market bubble and was wondering if anyone had any opinion on whether it would be eligible for exemption. I did a regression analysis on different variables (inflation, salaries, unemplyment, etc) until I found a suitable model which I then explained. Any idea whether this would be worth an ST0 exemption?

  2. bystander

    bystander Member

    Absolutely no idea but there is nothing to lose by trying as the modelling and economic principles seems a reasonable topic.
  3. It's worth giving a go. But the topic doesn't seem to be enough for ST0. I think it might require more than just modelling. But obviously nothing to lose for applying.....the worst is no...and take an ST....LOL
  4. moreoomph

    moreoomph Member

    Not the answer I wanted but certainly the answer I was expecting. I'll give it a go just in case.

  5. johnpe21

    johnpe21 Member

    hi moreoomph

    Could you please tell me whether you did actually apply, as I am in similar position like you?

  6. moreoomph

    moreoomph Member

    Yes, I applied and received this exemption!

    Best of luck
  7. johnpe21

    johnpe21 Member

    thanks a lot for replying! Could you please tell me whether you sent with your application a letter from an actuary stating your dissertation's relevance to the actuarial field??

    Thanks a lot again for your help
  8. moreoomph

    moreoomph Member

    I didnt use my dissertation as it wasnt actuarial (housing bubbles). I got the exemption based solely on holding the Masters. I got a distinction but I'm not sure if this was considered or not - I suspect there had to be some reference to the grade. The undergraduates in Actuarial Science typically need a 65 average to get their CT exemptions.
  9. johnpe21

    johnpe21 Member

    so you just sent your certificate and the transcript with your marks?

    sorry for asking so many questions..
  10. moreoomph

    moreoomph Member

    I had to send in my certificate, my exam papers and the syllabus for the Masters along with the completed application form.
  11. rsaluja

    rsaluja Member

    ST0 *** Help

    Hi ,

    I am in a similar position.

    I have done Masters in Financial Mathematics and did dissertation in financial subject as Fundamental analysis of Macro economic news on foreign exchange movement.

    Can you please advise on what documents have to be send?

  12. Hemant Rupani

    Hemant Rupani Senior Member

    For the exemption to be awarded your dissertation will need to show sufficient coverage of the actuarial syllabus.

    You will need to include with your exemption application form

    Documentary evidence of the qualification gained
    A supporting letter from a Fellow of an International Actuarial Association organisation, stating how the work done in the dissertation is of relevance to actuarial work

  13. rsaluja

    rsaluja Member

    Tx HR.., I can see that on the website.. Just wanted to see if someone has applied and got an exemption. What documents have they send exactly. Do we need to send dissertation report?
  14. Adithyan

    Adithyan Very Active Member

    Hi moreoomph! I am planning to apply for ST0 exemption. I would like to know if you got the ST0 exemption by using your marksheet and Degree certificate. If so was your degree from UK based university or elsewhere. Please let me know and this would help me. Thanks in advance :)
  15. almost_there

    almost_there Can't stop posting

    I am interested in hearing of anyone who's had an exemption application rejected because your dissertation was not sufficiently actuarial.
  16. Imy

    Imy Active Member

    Hi, does anyone know if I can still apply for SP0 (new ST0) after applying for other exemptions (2 Core exams) thanks!
  17. laura_mils

    laura_mils Active Member

    I think if there's no overlap - as in you haven't already used the qualification you have for exemptions I would give it a go.
    e.g. if you got your current exemptions from an undergraduate, but then also did a postgraduate.

    It says "If you hold a Masters degree or a postgraduate diploma in actuarial science or actuarial management, the qualification should give exemption from other subjects and will not therefore be eligible for exemption from ST0."
  18. Imy

    Imy Active Member

    Thank you! I'm working on the application now
  19. laura_mils

    laura_mils Active Member

    good luck! i managed to get one with a msc in statistics :)
  20. Imy

    Imy Active Member

    Congrats! My MSc is financial maths but I did a dissertation about insurance which is promising. Do you mind me asking how long was your FIA supporting letter? Did they go into much detail? Thanks!
  21. laura_mils

    laura_mils Active Member

    Hi Imy,
    Sorry I saw your message but was getting ready for my SA3 exam last week and forgot to reply until now.

    I cannot remember how long in words it was, though it was quite detailed.

    For my mentor to write the letter I gave him a detailed list of the types of models and statistics I used in the dissertation (I also gave him a copy of the dissertation.)
    I also looked through actuarial papers using the IFoA webside and documented why the techniques which I had used are relevant in actuarial work.
    My msc was in statistics, my dissertation was using health data. But many of the models and techniques I had used are used in the world of actuaries. Such as GLM models and bootstrapping to name a few, I also used R programming which I made sure I got across as the institute seems keen on this now. This formed the basis of my mentors letter.
    Hope this helps

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