Submitting assignment and mock exam scripts

For most subjects, you will need to submit your assignment or mock exam script by email as a pdf file to Please read the instructions on the assignment or mock exam coversheet before completing your assignment or mock exam, including the naming of files and title of the email. You can access Word versions of the cover sheets here.

For R or Excel-based exams (Subjects CS1-2, CM1-2 and CP2) you will need to submit the relevant files (eg Word or Excel documents) by email to ActEdMarking Please follow the instructions on each assignment or mock carefully, including the naming of files and title of the email.

Unless you are using a Marking Voucher, any scripts received by ActEd after the deadline date will not be marked.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your script is sent in good time to reach us.

Return of scripts

Your script will be marked electronically (eMarked).  You will receive an email with details of how to download your script via a secure link.  You can view your script online and/or print it out, whichever you prefer.  If you elected not to receive solutions at the same time as ordering the Mock Exam or Assignments you will also be able to view (or print) an electronic copy of the relevant solutions. Please note that the scripts and solutions will be deleted after two sessions so if you want to keep a copy then you must print it BEFORE it is deleted.

Your script will be passed to the next available marker and will be returned to you via a secure link. We encourage markers to return scripts quickly, but you should be aware that scripts submitted around the time of the final deadlines may have a significantly slower turnaround time than usual.