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    I've been actively looking at US roles. After in depth research, my conclusions are as follows:

    - If you already have a green card, finding a role in the US would be a lot easier.
    - The easiest way to work there (if you don't already have a GC or US citizenship) is to get an intra-company transfer from an office based in your home country. You'd therefore want to be working with multinational firms that would be willing to transfer you to the US.
    - I've tried applying both directly and through recruiters with no luck, even though I'm 2 years post qual in the UK.
    - One of the firms I got in touch with mentioned in their response "even though the fundamentals of actuarial work are the same world over, we're looking for someone with experience gained in the US market."
    - The visa required is the H1-B, if you want to go straight off and work for the US employer. The process of obtaining one is very long, convoluted and costly. There is an annual cap of 65,000 H1B visas...which are a lot easier to obtain IF you're a student in the US. Having an H1B visa ties you down to a specific employer in the US and if you were to lose your job, you'd have to find another role that would sponsor a continuation of your visa, or else leave the country.
    - If you have citizenship of certain countries that have trade agreements with the US (eg Canada and Mexico), you could be eligible for a specific visa that would enable you to work in the US.
    - See the following LinkedIn post by a US recruiter that somewhat explains the situation.

    Hope this information helps.
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