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Discussion in 'CM2' started by Montyburns, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Montyburns

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    In a last minute decision, I am resitting CM2 (CT8). I was hoping to avoid being the first people to sit this exam but all the other exams available to me were booked out.

    What material, mock exams and tutorials will help me?

    It's seems I'm too late for the online "Regular Tutorials" or will there be more?
    I'm going to book an online "Paper B Preparation Day" tutorial

    I'm buying the following
    • The CMP Pack
    • Mock exam CM2 (Paper A/B) with a submission deadline 13 March 2019 27 March 2019 ( buying the mock exam marking later, is that ok?)
    • ASET Solutions

    All advice appreciated.
  2. annuitydue

    annuitydue Active Member

    It's very late. So with 9 weeks to the exam, suggest you work very hard. At least if you've already tried CT8, CT6 and CT1, there won't be anything brand new for you.
    Good luck

    PS: out of interest, what exams were booked up?
  3. Montyburns

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    Thanks for the reply. I was trying to book CA2 and was told it was fully booked since last Thursday. I think CA3 and CA1 were booked out as well due to booking being closed before 5pm today.
  4. patron

    patron Active Member

    Those materials sound sufficient - I find ASET very good, particularly for the more technical exams. Doing lots and lots of questions is the way forward. The Paper B exams for CM1/CM2 look more manageable than CS1/2 (although that may just be because I prefer Excel to R). Good luck!
  5. Montyburns

    Montyburns Made first post

    @patron Thanks for the advice and a plan of action.
  6. Infinity

    Infinity Ton up Member

    Complain to the FRC before they are closed down. They will be interested to know the IFOA are misadministering their own exam system and it won’t be the first time. Why can’t they create an extra place for one student. You’ve applied for the exam before the deadline. Why should you not be able to sit it? The FRC did once open up an exam place for me despite the IFoA saying I couldn’t enter

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