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Discussion in 'SP9' started by ALEX_AK, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. ALEX_AK

    ALEX_AK Very Active Member

    hello, can anyone who has passed or the tutors share some tips on passing the exam?
    What are the things that I should do to make sure that I pass the exam? There is a lot of material to memorise and closer to the exam, I tend to forget most of it.
  2. Calm

    Calm Active Member

    I'm not so sure how this works for the non-CT series, because I haven't reached that point yet.

    But what I do is to start with the tutorials (ActEd's ones and/or those from your Prof). Then I try to summarize each chapter into a few lines (preferably independently from anything that ActEd provides) so that it is easy to revise from i.e. you see the acronym or short phrase, you can generate the formula and whatever points you may need. And of course practice the Assignment X series, past year papers (I aim for 10+ of these) and/or school papers where applicable, clarifying your doubts with the Prof when possible.
  3. mugono

    mugono Ton up Member

    The later exams needs lots of practice. The material in general isn't difficult; but the key to passing is exam technique. Write in bullet points and elliminate waffle. To pass you generally need to include both bookwork and application points. The latter is all about tailoring your answers to the actual question - harder to do than you might think o_O.

    The exams are about equipping students with the tools to be effective Actuaries. I would therefore caution against passing based on memory. Focus on understanding the principles the exams are trying to teach / convey. You can thank me later :)
  4. Bidza

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    I think Mugono has summed it up pretty well. In addition I would say remember to keep a big picture view about the course. understand how the different sections and chapters link. This is quite important for the exam as you will have to come up with solutions that link the different principles . I would also spend a lot of time practicing questions. I found that this helped me develop a better appreciation of the concepts.
  5. ALEX_AK

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    1) Is using the flash card and summary booklet from the Actuarial Education Company useful?
    2) There seems to be so much to memorise. What is the best way to commit the materials into memory? Using mnemonics or mindmap? Or just keep practising questions will do?
    3) Is memorising the flash cards and summary booklet, and practising tons of questions effective?
  6. Net Premium

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    Everything and anything can be useful - but we're all different and you need to work out what works for you. If you're lucky enough to read something and remember it then great. But if not then writing things down six times, or speaking them aloud, or using mnemonics, acronyms, pictures etc, may be needed to commit something to memory.
    However, the main thing to do is have a go at as many questions as you can. This will implicitly do some of the above without stopping to actually do it. And if you don't get close to 100%, make a note to do it again.
    Good luck.

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