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  1. Hi all

    I’m considering writing ERM next year and would like to start looking at the content. However, it seems costly to but the acted notes, Sweeting and Lam textbooks. I know both books are part of the syllabus, but I would prefer to only buy one.

    Could someone recommend which book is the more useable of the two? Won’t most of the content between the two books overlap anyways?

    And then, how horrible would it be if I purchased sweeting edition 1, which is currently about a quarter of the price of the second edition. Apart from fixed errata, has the content changed between the two editions?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Ben Stroud

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    Hi Jannus

    The content overlaps, the ActEd course notes for each "module" suggest chapters in each to read. Lam is very readable and is suggested by ActEd as a book you could read cover to cover before starting on their Course Notes. Sweeting is more technical, and (I am told) more useful for the mathematical content of the syllabus.

    Rather than decide on one, you could request an Athens account from the IFoA Library Service (email: subject: Request for Athens access to IFoA eLibrary) - this is mentioned on the page for some other SP/ST subjects but not SP9 for whatever reason.
    Athens allows you access to the IFoA Knowledge Hub, including access to ebooks and periodicals. Athens is available to IFoA members and affiliates.

    You may have to check a few of the libraries available through Athens to find a copy of each book, and some only provide you ebooks for 7 to 14 days before you need to download them again, but this does allow you to make your way through the books for free.

    You could also keep an eye out for second hand copies of the books (particularly just after results day) or ask colleagues if they are able to loan you a copy.

    Best of luck!

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