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Do you think podcasts relating to exam subjects would be a good idea?

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  1. Actueire

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    Has the idea ever been considered by ActEd to publish a series of podcasts (or regular podcasts) that may cover topics from CP1 for example or equivalently other exam subjects, whose format may and involve a presenter and "guest" actuaries discussing certain topics that roughly address a certain topic? Might a "Pilot" programme be considered to see what sort of response is received from students?

    I was just wondering whether this would be a good idea...sound revision used to be a product offered by ActEd however they withdrew this product (possibly due to lack of demand?) but it still proved quite popular with some people as they found it good for revising during "dead-time" e.g. commuting. Lately I've started to notice that podcasts, from my point of view at least, are a great way of gaining a broader understanding of certain issues/topics on the subject at hand, with anecdotal/real world examples also playing a key part in my understanding. I find I engage most with podcasts which are in a conversational setting between the co-hosts/host & guest speaker(s), I find I'm much more immersed with the subject matter and helps me think broadly around the topics being discussed. I find it's a very effective tool of gaining knowledge while not having to invest too much effort. For example if podcasts for actuary exams did exist, if on a particular day I'm finding it quite hard to motivate myself to sit down at a desk and study I could go take a walk outside and listen to a podcast instead and perhaps feel more motivated to study when I return or at least feel less guilty about not studying if I find I'm too unmotivated to do so. I'll include a poll also to see what other students think

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