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Discussion in 'CB1' started by Anu Joshi, Oct 24, 2019.

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    Hello ,
    I'm planning to write CB1 this April diet.
    But i honestly don't understand where do i start from.
    I don't love theory much. I love numerical papers more. This is my first theory paper.
    I have revision notes of acted (CB1).
    Is it enough for me to just read those notes?
    But it's not possible to by heart all of those . I'm pretty bad at mugging up .
    I like to express things in my own words..
    I'm so stressed about this exam.
    Though it has good pass rates , it's still so difficult for me.
    Anyone has any advice on how to start studying for this subject?
    Just reading the past paoers would be enough??
    I don't understand from where do i start.
  2. Start with accounts then finance then investment part.
    It will be interesting but the investment part is very boring and so becomes hard

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