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    Has anybody had to negotiate the number of study days for new exams with their companys?

    I'm particularly interested in the case where exams are merging. For example, if you've passed CT1 but not CT5, do you get the whole of the resitting allowance for CM1? The same situation is the case if you've got one of CT4/CT6, and therefore have to now do CS2 instead.

    My company provided 10 days for each CT, and we get 50% if we need to resit, if that helps with suggestions.

    Any advice for negotiations would be much appreciated!
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  2. I'm currently having discussions around SA7, which is causing some headache's as the new exam after they got rid of SA5 and SA6. They aren't budging on combining study time as they are claiming it isn't a 'combing' of exams. I think I'll end up with the standard study leave allowance. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.
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    My company provided 9 days per CTs and 5 on the first repeat. It's now been changed to this:


    This comes with the caveats that students receive fully study day allowance if previously failed once and resit study allowance if failed more than once. We didn't have to have a strict policy about the merger rules but it's been understood that they get back full study allowance.

    All the other subjects study days for every other exam remained the same, I hope this helps!
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    I assume the new SA7 is not just combining SA5 and SA6, as that would be way too much material. My company gives the same number of days for each SA (I assume yours is the same).

    If you've previously failed SA5/SA6, I think it's only fair they give you full (or at least close to full) study allowance for SA7, because half of the course will be completely new material.
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    From what I understand, SA7 is mainly SA6 with a bit of SA5 and hence is the same size as the other SAs. I am getting the same number of study days as for any other SA (which haven't been changed for the 2019 curiculum)

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