SA and Practice Modules - same exam session?

Discussion in 'Practice modules' started by sja99, May 4, 2012.

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    Is it recommended to sit the Practice Module at the same time as the SA exams? Given the amount of preparation required for the SA exams I thought it would make more sense to take the Practice Module in a different session? I know the same material is required for both, but the Practice Module requires additional reading and exam practice, which could be time spent focusing on the SA?

  2. Pede

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    I would.

    Half the material is the same (do you really want to learn it all again the following session?), and the other half is fairly minimal. Don't forget you can take the PMs whenever you like, even twice in the same session if you fail the first time (as long as there's a gap).
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    If you sit the Practice Module in a session when you're not studying for your SA, you'll need to learn the PM material and revisit your SA material when you could be doing something else!

    I'm sitting SA3 in October, in what will hopefully be my last sitting. I'm probably going to sit the PM around August. You do at least find out straight away if you've passed!
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    Ok thanks for the advice - much appreciated!
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    Remember that to be a Fellow you don't need the Practice Module but you will if you are to hold a registered role.

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