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Q11 ct6 part i April 2013

Discussion in 'CS2' started by Khoa, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. Khoa

    Khoa Made first post

    Can someone please explain the question above? Is it even in cs2 syllabus? If it is can you point it out in the core reading?

    Many thanks
  2. Julie Lewis

    Julie Lewis ActEd Tutor Staff Member

    Something very similar was asked in Sept 2019 (Q8). So, yes, it's examinable. The question relies on knowledge of statistics from CS1/university. CS2 is not a stand-alone course.

    If the value of X(t-1) is known, then Xt is a linear transformation of a normal RV, so is itself normal.

    Any likelihood function is the probability/PDF of getting the data we've observed. Here:

    L = f(x1,x2,...xn)

    Since X(t) depends on X(t-1), but not on any earlier values:

    L = f(x1)f(x2|x1)f(x3|x2)...f(xn|x(n-1))

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