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  1. Sarah Byrne

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    10/08/21 - file updated - please use the latest version!

    Attached is an updated exam question log. The chapter references refer to the new 2019 Course Notes for Subject SA1. Given the high-level nature of Subject SA1 it isn't always possible to give a specific chapter reference, and in many cases the question part will cover material from throughout the course. This is question log intended as a guide only.

    Some parts of questions have been marked as no longer examinable following the changes to Subject SA1 for 2019. Other parts could be examinable with a small modification (for example setting the question outside of the UK). This may mean that the solution would differ which you would need to consider when reviewing the Examiners' Report for the question.

    We hope you find it useful when preparing for the Subject SA1 exam.

    Kind regards

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  2. Jia Syuen

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    Can you do this kind of exam question log for other subjects too such as CM1, CS2?
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  3. Sarah Byrne

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    For other subjects, question grids are available as part of our revision products. However, as there are no revision products for Subject SA1 we make it available on the forum to try and help students.
  4. Jesca

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    Hi Sarah. Thank you for the updated exam question log. Is it possible to get the log in excel format?


  5. Sarah Byrne

    Sarah Byrne ActEd Tutor Staff Member

    Hi Jesca

    Sorry - we can only make it available as a pdf.

  6. April 2015 Q2 iv and v: Reinsurance recaptures

    You don’t have “no longer examinable” in the comments column for this one but I am at a loss to find any details on it in the notes. Looking at the answers, it refers to the starting calculation as being the VIF but under SII I assume this approach would not be appropriate?!

  7. Sarah Byrne

    Sarah Byrne ActEd Tutor Staff Member

    Hi Becca

    This question could absolutely still be asked - there was no material on it in the notes on 2015 either so you're not missing anything! Perhaps there may need to be some additional clarification about the solvency regime the insurer is in and therefore solution may be slightly amended. SA1 is non-EU specific, and so in a country under a different regulatory regime, VIF could still be appropriate. As you say under SII that may not be appropriate, in which case we could consider using the value of the BEL as a starting point. Similarly, the solution to part (iv) might then be slightly amended too - although many points are relevant to calculating the BEL and VIF.

  8. Sarah Byrne

    Sarah Byrne ActEd Tutor Staff Member

    The file at the top of this thread has been updated for the April 2019 exam.

  9. Aarti Halai

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    Hi Sarah,

    Would you be posting an updated file for the April 2020 exam by any chance?

    Thank you.
  10. Sarah Byrne

    Sarah Byrne ActEd Tutor Staff Member

    Aarti - the file at the top of the thread has been updated for the September 2019 paper.

  11. kl1215

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    Apr 12 Q3(i) - I see from the pdf that this question has not been "greyed out", though I can't seem to find anywhere in the CMP where ESA is mentioned in such detail.

    Could you clarify whether this would still be examinable for the 2020 exams please?
  12. Sarah Byrne

    Sarah Byrne ActEd Tutor Staff Member


    Thanks for your message. An old version of the log was updated by accident - you're right, this question should show as no longer examinable. Please see the updated file at the top of this page. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Many thanks
  13. kl1215

    kl1215 Keen member

    Thanks Sarah!
  14. Mary26

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    Hi Sarah.
    I seem to be getting an error message when I try to the download the file. Could you please let me know of I am doing something wrong.
  15. Sarah Byrne

    Sarah Byrne ActEd Tutor Staff Member

    Hi Mary26

    We have had some issues with uploaded files since the Forums are back up and running. I have re-attached the file to the post at the top of the thread (and also updated the log to include the April 2020 paper). Hopefully you are able to open it now - if not please let me know.

    Best wishes
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  16. Mary26

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    Thanks Sarah. The link works now :)
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  17. kl1215

    kl1215 Keen member

    Would there be a version that includes the September 2020 sitting too?
  18. Sarah Byrne

    Sarah Byrne ActEd Tutor Staff Member

    The file at the top of the thread has been updated to include the Sept 20 paper.
  19. black_bird

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    Hi please is my observation correct, there seems to be a lack of past SA1 exam questions on chap 14 Profit and Value reporting (IFRS, GAAP etc), Chap 15 Professional standards, chap 20 analysis of surplus and EV, and there were only 3 questions on Chap 18 ALM. Please are they any SA2 past exam questions you could kindly point us to as part of the SA1 revision? Thank you!!
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  20. Mark Willder

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    Given that there are only 2 or 3 questions on the exam, then there won't be lots of questions in past papers of every topic. The material on IFRS and GAAP has only recently been added to the course, which explains its lack of past exam questions. Professional standards can come up as a small part of lots of questions, eg if the context of the question is writing a report, then it should comply with the relevant professional guidance such as quality of data and peer review. Analysis of surplus and EV have been examined a lot in SA2 and I will look out for some questions for you later in the week - you need to be careful though as SA2 used to contain a lot more detail on EV than the current SA1 course.

    Best wishes

  21. Mark Willder

    Mark Willder ActEd Tutor Staff Member

    Here are some questions from past Subject SA2 exams that might be worth a look at for your revision of SA1:

    April 2015 Q2 - Analysis of change in EV - in particular is VIF=0?
    September 2015 Q1 - EV question on annuities (so similar to immediate needs long-term care)
    April 2019 Q1 - Solvency II
    April 2020 Q1 - Analysis of surplus and IFRS 17
    April 2020 Q2 - Solvency II (the last part also looks at professional guidance APS X2 for 3 marks)
    April 2020 Q3 - Tax

    There are differences between SA1 and SA2 and so not every point made in these questions will apply for SA1. However, I've tried to avoid mentioning questions that are too specific to SA2, eg with-profits questions. I'm afraid I don't have a suitable ALM question from SA2.

    Best wishes


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