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Discussion in 'SP8' started by Actueire, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Actueire

    Actueire Keen member

    Are there any plans to have online tutorials for SP8? I had a quick look around the website/e-store and didn't see any mention of it

    EDIT: Found it mentioned on the tuition bulletin & provisional dates are still TBC - apologies!
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  2. anees aslam

    anees aslam Made first post


    which is better for SP8- online tutorial or face-to-face?
  3. Katherine Young

    Katherine Young ActEd Tutor Staff Member

    This is entirely your choice Anees.

    You can revisit the online recordings at a later date, many people find this useful. And of course it means you don't have to travel to a tutorial venue.

    But on the other hand many students prefer the face-to-face tutorial for the additional contact with other students, or perhaps find it easier to learn from a face-to-face conversation.

    In addition, for SP8 we also offer the Online Classroom, which is a bit like a pre-recorded tutorial.

    Why not ask some of your colleagues and see what they think?

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