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Online Exam Procedures

Discussion in 'CS2' started by Travis Yates, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Travis Yates

    Travis Yates Member

    Hi All,

    I'm having trouble finding out the exact procedure for the online exam for CS2. Does anyone know how it will work?

    • Is it open book?
    • Will we have access to the internet, specific reading materials or our own notes?
    • Will it need to be supervised by a qualified Actuary?
    • Can I do it from home or the office?
    I'm an Australian student studying through the Australian Actuaries Institute. But all our exams for part I use the UK exams. The times for the offline component is always in Australian time. Will that be the same for the online exam.

    Ie. Will it be on Monday morning the 8th of April Australian time?
  2. Calm

    Calm Ton up Member

    I intend to sit mine in NTU, and the online exam CS2B will start at 10am UK time regardless of your timezone (5pm Singapore time; somewhere between 5-7pm Australian time depending on where you live within Australia). CS2A is based on your own timezone.

    According to this document from iFoA, you can use your own personal notes and course materials (no internet or imported templates), without the need for supervision; you can also do it from home or office.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2019
  3. Travis Yates

    Travis Yates Member

    Any ideas what "written or electronic reference material provided as part of the exam day guidance documentation." might actually mean. Are we not going to know specifically what we can reference until exam time?
  4. Calm

    Calm Ton up Member

    "Use of the internet is not permitted to help candidates during examinations but students are permitted to refer to their own personal notes and course materials."
    My guess is that you can bring in whatever material you want (say, a summary sheet of all the different R formula you may use) but two things: open book exam isn't necessarily easier, as I found with certain NTU modules; and, in this instance it's better to prepare this close book in case the document is redefined and/or meant to be interpreted as such.
  5. DbFCCA

    DbFCCA Made first post

    Are the CMP study materials from Acted in pdf format (ie, downloadable) or not? I am concerned as it is hard to access internet each time I want to sit to prepare for the paper.
  6. Travis Yates

    Travis Yates Member

    If you login to the Online Learning Environment http://vle.bpp.com (Special Accounts Login) which should be in an email you received from ACTED you can see all the online content in PDF format. There are lots of files and takes a while to print them all. It filled one of those actuary folders.

    I now have 2 folders of notes. 1 folder of ASET and assignments and 1 folder of Online content. CS2 looks to be a huge workload!
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