October 2019 Exam CP2

Discussion in 'CP2' started by GemmaHayes, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. GemmaHayes

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    Hi All,

    What were your thoughts on this sitting? I found it extremely difficult, much more so than the previous sittings! Is it likely to have a much lower pass mark as a consequence? Thanks :)
  2. JoeKing

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    Yes, it seemed crazy difficult this time around, far more required to be completed than in April 2019. It was impossible to get to the second scenario in paper 1 completed and very hard to find any time to talk about the conclusions and next steps in paper 2. Hopefully there is a reduction in the pass mark to compensate. Those sitting in US were also hit with some additional sleep deprivation too just to make their lives more interesting!
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  3. souljact

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    I also found it quite difficult, particularly paper 1. I left out so many questions to try and write a decent document. It will be interesting to see the pass mark this time.
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  4. GemmaHayes

    GemmaHayes Keen member

    Yes, I think it was difficult to know how to approach the project with that in mind. Either skip chunks of the model steps and write a few pages of audit trail or attempt to get as much of a mixture of both with a limited time to complete audit trail due to the more difficult model. The simulation dataset was much more difficult to manipulate and perform calcs on than 5 schools students results and basic multiplication/ division so hopefully they might take that into account when correcting the exam :) Paper 2 was no walk in the park either ;)
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