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    I Please explain the marking structure between Paper 1 & Paper 2.

    What this line means - "Paper 1 scored considerably higher than Paper 2, and therefore a score of c63 of Paper 1 was at the overall pass mark for this session."

    What if someone scored 40 in Paper 1 & 60 in Paper 2.. then what will be his passing marks.

    II what is the meaning of "Marks TT-Z CAP TO 3" mentioned on page 11 of paper 1 exam report.

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    I think what it means is that on average, a candidate who just passed scored 63 on Paper 1.
    Therefore 63 is about the passing mark for Paper 1.
    Someone who scored 40 and 60 would score 50 overall , a fail.
    Marks TT-Z CAPTO3 probably means marks for "TT-Z" (don't know what that is, some context required) is subject to a maximum of 3. i.e. those scored more than 3 will only be given 3 marks
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    Thank you.

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