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  1. NewStudent

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    In recent notification IAI says that students need to pass in individual A & B part of CS, CM subjects in addition to passing aggregate (with 7:3 ratio).
    Is this applicable even for IFoA exams? Also, what could be estimated individual passing marks and aggregate passing marks for IAI exams?

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  2. Calm

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    For the IFoA, I believe you simply need to get at least 1 mark in paper B, as long as you get the 65% or whatever the pass mark is overall. (It's impossible to pass without paper A.) That being said, I shall soon find out if I passed one or more of CS2, CM2 and NTU's CT6 (as exemption).

    It may be the same for IAI except the wording makes it seem like there are separate pass marks for each paper.
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    They have a fixed pass mark so at least you know with them what the pass mark criteria is. IFoA decide pass mark after everyone's sat the exam. Go figure...
  4. NewStudent

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    IAI does not disclose pass marks, it tells only the grades obtained. So we don't know whether pass mark is fixed or variable.
  5. NewStudent

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  6. NewStudent

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    On 27 June 2019, Curriculum announcement 4 was released as per first post.

    On 12 October 2019 (after June 2019 exam diet), IAI education curriculum 2019 was released. See Page 3 for exam pass criteria.

    Please explain what is really the exam pass criteria for IAI Exams

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  7. NewStudent

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    Does anyone know what are minimum marks to be scored in CS1B, CS1B exams of IAI? ezgif.com-gif-maker.jpg
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    Most exams are set with a pass mark around 55 but get adjusted upward to 60 depending upon general performance in that diet. 60 is usually a comfortable pass.

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