Hi, can I take SA7 even if I did not write for SP5. I have the notes for ST5 for Ap. Please advise

Discussion in 'SA7' started by vandanah, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. vandanah

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    I have the notes for ST5 . Please advise
    I intend to write exam April 2020
  2. Colin McKee

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    This is a tough question. SP5 (or ST5) is a prerequisite for SA7 and a lot of SA7 questions draw on knowledge contained in that course. Many numerical questions are also from SP5. So you would have to have a very good understanding of it as you went in to SA7. If you believe you can do both in the run up to SA7 then that is fine, but it is quite a lot of work. Particularly if you want to get the numerical techniques under your belt as well.

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