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    In order to encourage other students (and tutors where necessary) to answer your queries more efficiently, we recommend that you consider the following guidelines when posting.

    • Before you post a new query, use the search facility within the forums (or Google) to see whether your query has been asked before. We find that the majority of questions have indeed been asked before!
    • Think about the level of detail in your post. Try to be succinct, but give enough information to avoid the reader having to research the question more fully to make it comprehensible. For example, just saying “how do I do 2011’s exam question about XYZ” is unlikely to encourage a response. If relevant, make specific references to ActEd materials, for example the chapter number, page number, etc.
    • Don’t post too many queries in one go (either in one thread, or as many different threads). The forums are free but you’ll find that responses are more forthcoming if you only post queries once you’ve made every effort to solve them yourself!
    • Don’t make unreasonable demands for a response, for example by asking for an immediate or lengthy detailed response. Replies are much more likely to be forthcoming if they don’t require a huge amount of effort on the responder’s part.
    • Be prepared for a concise response. Responders are much more likely to give you hints on a solution (for example, references to Course Notes or other ActEd materials) rather than a lengthy detailed one. You’ll find that if you can take the hint and develop the solution yourself, you’re much more likely to understand it, which in turn will help with your revision.
    • If you need considerable help, consider booking onto a tutorial, or see whether there are other ActEd materials that can help you, such as the Online Classroom. The ActEd website gives details of many products that can help you in different ways.
    • Avoid antagonising other forum users. Keep your posts professional and avoid personal comments. The forums are monitored by ActEd and abuse is not tolerated.
    • Avoid manipulating threads to a different topic and try to avoid repeating discussions or points made elsewhere on the forum.
    • Please read the terms and conditions of the site:
    • Don't forget to thank your fellow students and tutors for their help. A little thanks goes a long way!

    Many thanks
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