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  1. So I notice that the IFoA have changed the exam results date from the normal 'the list comes out 18:00 Thursday', to 'results published on Tuesday and Thursday', depending what exam you're taking.
    Just wondered if anyone knows what this means for when the results actually come out; does the Tuesday pass list come out on Tuesday at 6pm and the marks the next day, or does the pass list come out on Monday, or...
    I'm behind on my emails so it's entirely possible they've mentioned this somewhere and I haven't noticed. Just curious.
  2. John Lee

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    The IFoA have recently announced that pass lists will no longer be published, so you'll have to get your results via the results letter that will be available when you sign in and presumably 18:00 means 18:00
  3. Maxit

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    Can you please link the IFOA's announcement? I can't seem to find it in my mailbox and online. Thanks
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  4. Noted, though while 18:00 means 18:00, any indication of time is now gone from the website. So I guess we assume it continues to be so!
  5. Rebecca Barton

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    Did you find whether they posted this?
  6. Maxit

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    Unfortunately no. Would be good if someone could share the link here.
  7. It's something I'm aware that the tutors know about, but no I haven't seen anything.
  8. Maxit

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    Thanks. Odd though if it hasn't been communicated to the students..
  9. Actueire

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    I think it's being announced for definite in the next student newsletter. The decision still hasn't been finalized yet
  10. Latest newsletter (30th April)

    "Exam results

    The result letters for the April 2019 exam session will be available on the following dates:

    • Core Principles Subjects - Tuesday 2nd July
    • Core Practices, Specialist Principles and Specialist Advanced Subjects - Thursday 4th July
    View/Download your results through your online account."

    Informative. I'll assume they've not quite decided yet?
  11. Infinity

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    The Ifoa constant doctor their website and leave people confused. Then they try to educate us on audit trail and professionalism...

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