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Does anyone have access to the online exam environment yet?

Discussion in 'CS2' started by Travis Yates, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. Travis Yates

    Travis Yates Member

    I've asked the institute and they assured me I would have a chance to login and test connections etc when we received the Entry Permit.

    "We’ll be sending out ‘joining instructions’ for the exam next week, which will give you information about how to log into the platform the exam will be hosted on. It will also give you the opportunity to test your computer equipment, to ensure that everything works, before the exam day. It is very important that you carry out these tests as soon as possible, and contact us (or your local IT team if it appears to be a firewall issue) if there is a problem so that we can all work together to resolve this before the exam day."

    Then the entry permit arrived and it says we would emailed 2 weeks before the exam date.
    CS2 Paper B: 08 April - please see your online joining instructions for your allocated exam time which will be emailed to you two weeks before the exam date. Please note our online exams are sat in UK time

    It's now 2 weeks until the exam date and I am yet to receive any information on where and how we will log in.

    My work environment has a lot of restrictions I really need to know whether I can do this exam at work or whether I have to make arrangements to clear out my house of distractions and do it at home. I am on study leave next week. This is really leaving things to the last minute for something that is so fundamental to being able to do the exam.
  2. Calm

    Calm Ton up Member

    I got the email for CS2B on 22 March and the one for CM2B just yesterday, which looks like this and leads to a screen looking like this upon login. Do note that just because you can access the site on your work computer doesn't mean you will necessarily be able to log in and/or upload and download files (I learned this the hard way during internship for NTU's course registration).
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2019
  3. Travis Yates

    Travis Yates Member

    Thanks so much for the info. No I definitely haven't received that type of email. It may be because I'm in Australia and I am going through the Australian Actuaries Institute (even though we sit the same exams). I've emailed Exam Support to see if I can get a resolution.

  4. Travis Yates

    Travis Yates Member

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