Difference in exam technique for sa7 vs sp5

Discussion in 'SA7' started by Aspiring, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Aspiring

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    May you help explain the exam technique or skill required for sa7 exam and how this differs from technique and skill in sp5 exam?
    Thank you
  2. Colin McKee

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    The exam techniques are very similar to the ones you would have used for earlier exams in terms of idea generation, idea expansion, reading questions, using the specifics in the question, and even using check lists like SYSTEM T, or SOUNDER TRACTORS which many ActEd tutors use in earlier subjects. The difference is likely to be study technique. In SP5 you could read through past papers and expect there to be a good chance that a similar question will pop up in the next exam. However in SA7 the questions dont repeat, so you need to use the past papers as information, knowledge and learning material. You need to make sure you have a good knowledge of what is going on in the industry and in the economy in the years leading up to the exam, rather than just learning the course notes.
  3. Aspiring

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    This helps lot! Thank you very much

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