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Details in non core reading

Discussion in 'CP1' started by Cheyam, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Cheyam

    Cheyam Member

    Hi Acted,

    In the CP1 acted notes, although very helpful for background/additional info, there is much extra detail in each chapter which is not part of the core reading (bold text).

    As CP1 is the first real bookwork type subject in my acted studies I am not sure what level of memorising I should approach this information with. Should I be summarising and making acronyms for non core reading detail? Do I need to know this additional detail by heart?

    It's hard to know the answer to this without having done past papers but as I am still summarising/working through theory I don't yet know the answers to above questions. Assistance here will be much appreciated.

    As example 1.1 to 1.4 of chapter 5 contains additional specific details on pensions but is not part of core reading for Chapter 5.

    Thank you
  2. mugono

    mugono Ton up Member

    The exams are based on the core reading.
    The non core reading is there to help you understand / give additional background to the core reading. So no, you don’t need to memorise non core reading.

    The examples / questions are there to be helpful only.
  3. Cheyam

    Cheyam Member

    Thanks Mugono,

    I am going to go with making sure I understand all of the concepts mentioned for if they are spoken about in questions, but not be able to list them from memory.

    Thank you,

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