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    i am currently working on pastpapers on CT2 and i finding that i am very much comfortable with numerical part and for theory part i just score a above pass (this includes theory question of multiple choice). i have spent good time CB1 cmp material and clear with points and i am finding it difficult to expand my views and make uppoints for both short and long question. i am commerce student and i need to know how maximise my knowledge and marks for exam CB1. i also came through that there 5 new chapters introduced and there are questions this from past papers also.
    And i saw the sample paper and i need to know whether we can except some numerical part for long question like in ct2 r they have changed the approach of exam to 100% thoery oriented.
    please guide me according to improve my workings!!!
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    The CB1 sample paper has the same structure and approach as past CT2 exam papers, ie 10 multiple choice questions, 8 short answer questions, 2 long-answer (20 mark) questions, so we're expecting the type and style of question to be the same. This may well mean some numerical parts for long questions.

    Fortunately, this means of course that past CT2 questions are a great way to practice improving your style of answering the non-numerical questions. If you're comfortable with the theory, for example, perhaps look out for where adding a comment referring to a particular detail given in the question could help maximise your marks. Some students find it helpful to underline key words in the question, to help then check that they've referred to them in the answer. Another thing that can help is to thin about practical implications - eg different stakeholders reactions - as well as the pure theory.

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    this was really helpful, thank you. i will work on it!!!

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