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Discussion in 'CT8' started by OzActuary, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. OzActuary

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    Does anyone have (or know if there exists) a cross-reference grid, similar to what's in the ASET, for the past papers pre 2008? I want to do questions by topic for some of these but it's difficult without a grid.

  2. Mike Lewry

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    The questions are grouped broadly by topic across the Revision Notes Booklets, if that's any use to you. Those cover the last ten years' worth of relevant questions.
  3. Mike Lewry

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    Here's the grid from our old 2008 ASET, which covers questions from 2005-2007 :)

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  4. OzActuary

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    Thank you :)
  5. bajajrishav

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    ASET 2008 post exam grid

    Is it possible to get the ASET grid post 2008 exams as well.

    Thanks in advance:)

  6. Mike Lewry

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    Hi Rishav,

    The ASET grid for the last 4 years comes as part of the current ASET. It's not available separately - sorry.
  7. Kissingercmm

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    Hi all,
    does anyone have the asset grid post 2008 please?
    Thank you.

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