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  1. Partha Chaudhuri

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    Hello All,
    I have few questions regarding subject CP3. In a specific paper how to distinguish which word is considered to be jargon and which is not.
    E.g. writing trustees of a pension fund. In that case would bond ( investment instrumens) be considered as jargon?
    Is there any rule of thumb that can be followed.

    Also how to study additional material delivered before CP3 examination effectively? Please provide some tips.

  2. Dar_Shan0209

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    Hi Partha,

    The language of our communications may need to be tailored to the particular preferences and needs of alternative audiences.
    We should not use language that may be unintelligible to the recipient(s) or make it hard for them to understand our communication.
    It is good practice to take time and care to identify what might be potential jargon and unnecessarily complex language for our particular audience before starting to draft any specific communication. So, to answer your question, you should read well the question, identify the who and from then be able to deduce possible jargon(s) and how you can avoid these.

    What do you mean by additional material? I have used X Series Marking and Mock Exam which are very helpful.
  3. Partha Chaudhuri

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    Thanks for your reply.
    Regarding second question - I apologize for the confusion. I meant advanced material that we receive before CP3 examination. Any guidance / suggestion how to use it effectively to build up strongly for the CP 3 examination.
  4. Helen Evans

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    Hi Partha

    Great advice from Dar_Shan re jargon.

    Re the advance material, the aim of it is to provide you with enough information so you understand the basic scenario and to enable you to brush up on technical terms that you feel a bit rusty on before the exam day. So if the advance material introduces a technical term / concept you don't remember very well then use the time to ensure you understand it / can explain in in a simple way. It is possible you might also be given an Excel spreadsheet of data so you can spend some time understanding the data and any trends in it. You should not need to do work beyond this.

  5. Partha Chaudhuri

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    Thanks both of you !!

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