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Discussion in 'CP2' started by Justine Lowe, Jun 16, 2019.

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    I am sitting CP2 for the first time in October. I was wondering if there was any advice as to when to start studying for it and what is best to start with?

  2. Dar_Shan0209

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    Hello Justine,

    You should have completed the CS, CM and CB series of examinations firstly in order to sit for CP2, there are no requirements as such imposed by IFoA but the models and concepts for this exam do assume you have knowledge on those. Since this is a practical examination rather than written exam at a centre - you can have a glance at the CMP which will help you knowing what you need to grasp for the examination, i.e. how to produce a summary report and audit trail, relevant graphs and checks. Eventually, past papers is your friend. You need to practice loads. In terms of materials, I used only past exam papers and CMP. I have attempted the Mock Examination and had it marked by an Acted tutor who gave me a well detailed feedback. Also, if you are lazy with reading notes, the Online Classroom helps a lot - with pre recorded presentations and a forum which is checked by tutors regularly assisting students' queries.

    I hope this helps, should you have any more questions, feel free to inbox me.
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    Bumping into this thread (I need some advice too!):

    Is it needed to have some prior CP1 knowledge to undertake this paper? Because I am planning to study CP2 and sit for this paper in April 2020. Planning to study Masters in Actuarial Management in the UK next year. If so, to what extent I need to know about CP1?

    *I have completed the CM, CS and CB series (except CB3).

    Thanks for viewing and replying! :)
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    Hello wzlee,
    I sat for CP2 in April session without prior knowledge in CP1. As I mentioned, the key is to practice loads of past examination papers in order to know some excel hinters, how to produce high quality Audit Trail and Summary Report. You can even attempt a mock exam and have it marked by AcTed, you will get very high quality of feedback (Including your current performance + key areas where you need improvement). Hope that helps.
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