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CP1 - Question Practice

Discussion in 'CP1' started by Minal Gohil, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Minal Gohil

    Minal Gohil Member


    1. Do we have a list/table which indicates the questions of CA1 past papers which are no longer examinable with CP1?

    2. How do we practice comprehension skills required for the second paper of CP1? Is it sufficient to practice just the past exam papers of CA1 which did not really test this skill?
    Please advise.

    3. Do we have a list of acronyms which can be helpful for CP1?

  2. Helen Evans

    Helen Evans ActEd Tutor Staff Member

    Hi Minal

    1. There is a table of CA1 past paper questions in the ASET grid if you have ASET.
    2. If you have the CP1 CMP then in the X Assignments X1 to X5 half of the questions are Paper 2 style and X6 is entirely Paper 2 style. The ActEd Mock can be used for further practice. There is also the Profession's specimen Paper 2 on their website. The longer past CA1 questions (although shorter than we expect in Paper 2 will still be good to try).
    3. You can access the CP1 acronyms on the ActEd acronym app at: http://www.actedacronymapp.co.uk/
  3. dandan

    dandan Member

    Can I get the ASET grid - I only have CMP
  4. Helen Evans

    Helen Evans ActEd Tutor Staff Member

    Sorry the ASET grid is only available as part of the ASET product. Most of the CA1 questions are still relevant to CP1 (and are of course available on the Profession's website).
  5. Cheyam

    Cheyam Member

    Just stumbled upon this but I think if you look at the sample ASET posted here: https://acted.co.uk/paper_aset.html you will find the answer to your question 1 above.

  6. Minal Gohil

    Minal Gohil Member

    Thanks, Chey! This helps!

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