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CP1 Exam

Discussion in 'CP1' started by Shalabh_Mathur, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. Shalabh_Mathur

    Shalabh_Mathur Made first post

    How did everyone find the CP1 exam? The paper 2 was an interesting one for me..
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  2. Minal Gohil

    Minal Gohil Member


    I found paper 2 to be repetitive, challenging with respect to time. I was struggling to write the answers within 2 hours 30 minutes time frame.

    I could not think through the answers really under that time pressure. I am curious to know if that was the case with everyone.

    Paper 1 was relatively straightforward, in my opinion.
  3. patron

    patron Active Member

    Paper 2 was very time pressured, whilst the 45 mins did help me to come up with points for most of the answers, I'd have preferred to just get started with the writing. Also, I thought there were only a few questions where it was easy to identify the relevant pieces of bookwork to use. A lot of the questions seemed to draw on common sense, or knowledge from earlier questions.

    Paper 1 I thought was fairly usual, perhaps a little bit trickier than I was expecting, especially the shorter questions (which are normally the easy marks).
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  4. Gagoy

    Gagoy Member

    Paper 1 was relatively straight forward however as with all actuarial exams time was still pressured but managed to get through most of the paper.
    Paper 2 was extremely challenging with time. The 45 minutes was not as helpful as I thought it would be. I found I brainstormed the first question and started making notes and points, however I was light on the second question. Also I found the brainstorming part was mainly transcribed when it came time to writing time. Overall paper 2 was mainly common sense however really became challenging due to the limited time. I also found that the by the time I came to the second question during the writing time I had to waste more time to refresh what it was because I had (obviously) been focused on the first question for the last hour. Overall I found the change in exam format isn't well suited to having two case studies.
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  5. Gagoy

    Gagoy Member

    Anyone else want to share their thoughts?
  6. kze

    kze Member

    Hi guys, I did not sit for the exam but would like to know for those who did, may I know long did you guys take to prepare for the exam?
    Is it too late to start preparing for the September 2019 sitting now? :oops:
  7. rskk0702

    rskk0702 Keen member

    Hey Kze,

    Did you decide if you are writing CP1 in September 2019?
  8. kze

    kze Member

    hello there, no I don't think I am.. what about yourself?
  9. rskk0702

    rskk0702 Keen member

    I am giving it a shot. Not sure though if I have enough time to prepare well.

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