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Discussion in 'SP5' started by MJK23, Apr 3, 2022.

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    This question also applies to the exams in general, was wondering if we are allowed to copy and paste our excel workings into our Word exam script? For example, question 5 from April 2021 ST5 paper. The tax calcs can easier be done in excel. Is this allowed?

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    Hi MJK - did you manage to find a clear answer to this anywhere?
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    Hi there - not really. But what I did understand is that we have to show the breakdown of all our workings as per examiner reports. Therefore the benefits of using excel for calculations may not be worthwhile during exam if we have to type out workings anyway.
    I did wonder though about graphs - for example option payoff diagrams. Would these be acceptable to do in excel and copy paste into our exam scripts?
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    Thanks MJK - I'd very much hope they didn't ask us to provide graphs.

    Regarding using excel for calculations, I agree it's probably easier to just do it in Word given we have to show workings albeit with the exception of large performance attribution qs which I think would still be easier in excel

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