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Discussion in 'CM2' started by Hanna Hohner, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Hanna Hohner

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    Hello everyone! :) How did you find the first sitting of CM2?

    I think the written paper was fairly correct both in difficulty and in time, but the computer-based part was quite surprising after those super-easy PBOR practice materials (except the chain-ladder question, which was absolutely bookwork). I hope it's not only me who spent way too much time on figuring out what input data to use in the Merton model (question 2), or who did not get an accumulation over 70,000 in any of the five simulations (question 4). :(
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  2. Michal Piatra

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    Hi Hanna,
    I have a similar opininon. I think the B paper was too much to handle in such short time period. I agree that PBOR materials didn't reflect the complexity of the exam paper at all. I was very confident in preparation with good performance time-wise, however I wasn't able to finish the exam paper and probably gonna fail the B part of the exam.

    The written part was managable, however I feel that in overall this exam misrepresented the covered material. I would say 40% of important material remained untested,e.g. martingales, brownian motion, interest rates. I think these topics took most time in preparation for exam.

    Anyway, good luck with results :)
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  3. Hanna Hohner

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    Thanks Michal, good luck! :)
  4. Sandor Kelemen

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    I share the shock from paper B. It was far away from Mock B / PBOR materials in amount and in complexity as well.

    On classical Paper A I messed up some easy stuff and as always I am too slow for these exams. Nonetheless I agree with above stated opinions. Even I would say that Ifoa went for a more bookwork direction and they stopped testing the former CT8 (hard)core part on deeper stochastics. I am not the fun of this novelty.

    I hope they will lessen the passmark... although I saw that this is not quite the character of Ifoa...

    By the way, can anybody direct me to some source where the paper A part questions/marks are published? I'd like to realistically assess my chances and not to wait 2 months for the results. Thx.
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  5. Calm

    Calm Ton up Member

    However, no matter if the questions come out early, the mark schemes normally follow after your results come out. That being said, if the questions are able to come out early then you could ask ActEd or your Profs if they could work out those questions you may not be sure of.
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  6. It's nice to see people thinking the same things I thought :)
    Considering I spent the days up to paper A drilling papers and flailing about the difficulty of papers between 2006-2010 (the maths in those are ridiculous), I was actually kind of annoyed over how much of the course they just didn't test.

    And agree on paper B: I was nowhere near finishing, and also messed up on question 2 trying to work out whether they'd given us L or not (I'm still not totally sure). Although might've been an error in q3, or I was just storming through far too fast: I think it was inconsistent whether the total time period was 5 or 2. Or something.
    Also no, I didn't get accumulation over 70,000 either (for anything!) and neither did a friend who took the exam at the same time :(
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  7. almost_there

    almost_there Senior Member

    If you think there's an error in the exam paper you need to contact IFoA about it as a matter of urgency.
  8. I should, shouldn't I. Gone back to the paper and there is a discrepancy...
    Who should I email?
  9. almost_there

    almost_there Senior Member

    Probably their education services people in the first instance.
  10. Sweetactuarialprincess

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    If you fail, you should issue a claim in the small claims court.
    Tons of students have done it in the past to got their money back. Perfectly normal to get your money back if they provide you with a poor service. There is no excuse for this regarding numerical exams.
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  11. Infinity

    Infinity Ton up Member

    oh look another exam issue...
  12. almost_there

    almost_there Senior Member

    Errors in exam papers, online blunders, data protection issues, incorrect / misleading information on their website... the list goes on. This is the organisation who thinks it has something to offer the world on data science? lol

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