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    Gutted to find out that I failed the last sitting of CM2. The pass rate was c30%, with examiners keeping the past mark at 60. Perhaps this is the new standard for CM2..

  2. I'm in the same boat. This was a re-sit and the first time I sat it the pass mark was also 60 and a pass rate of 32%. Most other sittings have had a pass rate of 50-60%, and I doubt it was due to the fact that the calibre of students was higher for all of those.
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  3. Same here friends...The written part was fairly book work but the online exam was a big surprise. The level of question in the exam was nowhere close to the sample material. Also, I felt that some questions were incorrect. Is there a way where we can get to know what went wrong with us. I don't think that the institute provides exam counseling for CM2. It's a shame that the pass rate is just 30%. Feeling so angry and frustrated. This was my 2nd attempt and I got the same marks in both attempts. Can somebody please let know if there is a way to know what went wrong?
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  4. Camdown

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    Email Education Services at and do a subject access request for your exam. They are required by law to provide you with your marks within 40 days. They'll provide you a breakdown of the marks you were awarded for each question from each examiner marking your paper.
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  5. Many thanks for your suggestion. Will try it.
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    After passing 5 CTs, I chose to drop out as I felt there is a huge gap in what is given in the notes and what is seen in these exams.
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    If you dropped out why do you bother yourself to still come on this forum?
  8. Anna Bishop

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    Sounds like a good idea to submit a Subject Access Request to find out whether it was Paper A or Paper B.
    We believe the email address to do so is the following:

    Subject Access Requests should be submitted to
    (or by post to: Data Protection Officer, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, Level 2, Exchange Crescent, 7 Conference Square, Edinburgh, EH3 8RA. Please quote your full name and Actuarial Reference Number on any correspondence).
  9. Anna Bishop

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    Also, we would love to know where you think the Paper B materials need improving.

    Merton model?

    However, thinking ActEd had similar resources for the other three questions and that the difficulty was due to:

    a) time - too much to do in too little time
    b) unusual answers that throw you, eg getting a 0 probability in both scenarios

    Interested in your comments.
  10. Many thanks, Anna for raising the issue. It is shame that the institute whose aim is to teach about data, modeling, and ML could not create a simple Merton Model. I wasted about 20 min on that question- initially thinking that I may be wrong, but then after wasting so much of time, I realized the model is incorrect. Not sure if the institute has any policy of how they mark an incorrect question. It's a shame that building an incorrect model was the institute's fault but we students have to suffer.

    Secondly, Yes there was too much to do in too little time. I did not buy Acted paper B, but sample material provided by the Institute was nowhere close to what they tested in the exam.

    Agree with your last point.
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  11. almost_there

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    Errors in exam questions. Too little time in the exam to answer it all anyway. This is not a one off. IFoA don't seem fit for purpose.
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    Well, to be fair, since they may only be monitoring by the amount of time you took (I can't say for sure), they need to make the time constraint really tight to prevent unwanted behaviours. But still... it may well be that I simply didn't prepare well enough to tackle the Excel files prepared in the given format. So I'll need to try harder and do it again this September.
  13. Anna Bishop

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