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Discussion in 'General study / exams' started by Calm, Jul 10, 2019.

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    Hi, may I find out if you bought course material more than one sitting in advance i.e. buying CB1 or CP1's core material pack today (and intend to take the exams in 2020), and then subsequently wish to use marking vouchers/online classroom/tutorials etc., would I have to also buy the new assignments? Or are there any limitations with going this route?
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    Hi Calm,
    If you buy a CMP this session, and then marking (vouchers or Series Marking) next session, then we'll provide the 2020 assignments without further charge. This is because we only accept current versions of assignments for marking.

    If there are any syllabus or Core Reading changes between 2019 and 2020 then these will probably be set out in a CMP Upgrade available from our website from around November. Sometimes there are too many changes to make an Upgrade feasible (eg between 2018 and 2019) but retaker rates for courses are also available. We think Upgrades will be available in nearly all subjects this year.

    Online Classroom access is given for 13 months and so could be purchased now and still used for the April 2020 exam.

    Hope that helps
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