Best way to proceed for SP9

Discussion in 'SP9' started by vikky, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. vikky

    vikky Ton up Member

    Have received my study material and was looking for some advice on how to start my studies for SP9.
    Been a while since I have given any exam and would be grateful for all inputs.
  2. dimitris13

    dimitris13 Very Active Member

    very interested in listening to advice with regards to this matter.
    @vikky you think is it passable with less that 3 months ?
  3. vikky

    vikky Ton up Member

    There is no harm in trying dimitris :)
    Am pensive about how to start as its been ages since I have written an exam.
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  4. Calm

    Calm Ton up Member

    Well you could try sitting the exam (it's probably too late to really go for Series X marking for instance), hopefully you pass, but failing which you could then go for Series X marking. Mock Exam etc. and get the new version of assignments at no additional charge (this assumes you bought the CMP).

    I actually tried sitting the IFoA's CT5 exam last September having taken 5 weeks of NTU's Life Contingencies module (and self-read much of the rest) which had a timeline designed for their November paper... there's an approx 30-35 mark difference between those two sittings. So even if you don't make it in September 2019 it's still definitely achievable!
  5. vikky

    vikky Ton up Member

    HAs anyone passed this recently?
    Would appreciate your inputs.

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