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Discussion in 'Other countries' started by OzActuary, Sep 17, 2012.

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    Hi there

    I am just wondering if anyone here can give any advice... I started studying with the UK institute a few years ago and I am almost finished the CTs (3 left and sitting 2 this month - I had no exemptions as I didn't do Actuary at Uni).
    I have been living in Australia for nearly 2 years now and have been sitting the exams here but have not transferred my membership as the CTs are the same in the UK and Australia so there was no need. After the CTs (part I in Australia) however, the exams take quite different paths so I need to decide whether to stick with the UK exams (which I can sit in Australia no problem) or transfer my membership and do Part II and III of the Australian exams.
    I plan on being in Australia for at least a few more years so I will (hopefully) qualify while I am still here but will most likely end up back in UK/Ireland eventually.
    I want to choose the easier/quicker path but I am just not sure which path this is or if it really makes much difference at all. I know plenty of people that have qualified through both but the problem is people cannot compare as they only know the exams they sat themselves.
    Does anyone know any more about this or have any thoughts or advice?

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    Sounds to me is your long term goal is the UK so I'd stick with UK. You need to investigate how the Australian FIA is viewed in the UK...recruitment consultants in the Internaional field may be able to help.

    The exception would be if you intend to stay in Aus king enough to need say a practising certificate if they exist over there. That said, I know UK actuaries who have worked over there without needing extra study/exams so that possibly isn't an issue.
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    Thanks Bystander. Once I qualify there is mutual recognition between the 2 Institutes so I am not sure that it makes a huge difference down the line. I am sure my work experience will be more relevant than which exams I studied anyway (which may come against me if I move back as the market here is so different). But for now I am more concerned about passing exams and qualifying and which route may or may not be easier. Unfortunately there is no "easy" route though :)

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