Are we allowed to do an Exam Debrief yet?

Discussion in 'CM2' started by Travis Yates, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Travis Yates

    Travis Yates Keen member

    If we wait much longer I'll have forgotten everything.
  2. Travis Yates

    Travis Yates Keen member

    Well it's been posted so I guess it's ok. How did everyone think they went in the CM2 exams? I found the online one to be reasonably straightforward. But the written a little harder.
  3. bot7337

    bot7337 Keen member

    The CAPM question was hard ... I don't think I have even tried a question like that
    I did get x square = 3, but I don't know which part it falls into
    Do you reckon I can get the marks ?
  4. Jeremy Lim

    Jeremy Lim Made first post

    I found the Poisson process for the online one difficult. Other than the CAPM question for the written paper, I found the rest manageable. Just forgot the general equation for the triangles which was worth 5 marks.
  5. Lolgabby

    Lolgabby Member

    You did not even need that x^(2). It was possible to find beta 1, beta 2, beta 3 using that variance/covariance matrix that was given-this was not very easy to see. Once you had those you had to use what you proved in the previous part of the question(sum (xiBi)=1) to find beta 4, from there it was suppose to very easy to continue.

    But I think this was a very difficult question under exam pressure.
  6. kirandeep bajwa

    kirandeep bajwa Made first post

    I thought the exam paper was quite manageable overall. Some questions were tricky, like the CAPM question. I was quite surprised that a lot of the topics covered in the online exam also came up in the written paper.
  7. NorthernFusion

    NorthernFusion Keen member

    It's a relief to see some of the comments here, because it aligns with how I felt. Computer exam was pretty straightforward, the written paper was tiring. I was also surprised at how much appeared in both papers.

    I forgot the error term when stating the model for run-off triangles. :(
  8. Travis Yates

    Travis Yates Keen member

    I can't even remember the CAPM question. I think I've blacked it out.

    My general formula for the run-off triangles I think use different letters than that in the notes but as long as they are happy with my meanings I hope I won't lose marks.

    I had a feeling that the Bornhuetter-Ferguson technique would be on the exam. But with so much different content I failed to revisit it just before the exam. I kept thinking the run-off triangles are easy I'll look at them later. I just remembered 1-(1/f) and hoped that would get me through. But my numbers looked rubbish.

    I was lucky enough to work out the interest rate formula on the fly. I had memorised the Sn version but the An version was not committed to memory.

    I think for me I will lose marks in the online exam for not having all the labels etc in the charts, and my comments lacking enough detail. But the calculations I'm hoping are OK.
  9. Jeremy Lim

    Jeremy Lim Made first post

    Did we have to memorise the Sn or An formula? I thought the written paper didn't need that and it's more of a question manipulating the ln function. I only remember having to use those formula for the online exams.
  10. Travis Yates

    Travis Yates Keen member

    Yeah more a manipulation of the ln function. I think you needed to work out the distribution with the values of the mean and Std. ie. lognormal
  11. Jeremy Lim

    Jeremy Lim Made first post

    Just to confirm if I did it right. I got LogN(nu,nsigma^2) for the first part and LogN(-nu,nsigma^2) for the 2nd part
  12. Travis Yates

    Travis Yates Keen member

    Now you're stretching my memory. I think it was from the very last part of chapter 5. I felt like I got it right at the time but it feels like ages ago now.
  13. Lolgabby

    Lolgabby Member

    Jep! :)
    Hopefully your derivation was precise
  14. laura_mils

    laura_mils Made first post

    I remember finding question 3 1 and 7 the hardest on the written ... and 4 hardest on the pc paper
    I don’t remember manipulating any ln function though :/ !

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