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Discussion in 'CP2' started by GemmaHayes, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. GemmaHayes

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    I wasn't successful in the exam in September so onwards and upwards to April. Congrats to those that were successful. Has anyone received their SAR as of yet?

    Does anyone know the changes for April 2020 sitting? Will there be a new platform online with excel and word included in the portal etc. Can the tutors let us know please? Thanks :)
  2. Admin

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    There aren't any changes to the syllabus this year and the minor changes to the course can be found in the CMP Upgrade, available at https://acted.co.uk/paper_cmp_upgrade.html.
    The IFoA were testing a new platform before Xmas. I guess we'll find out soon whether the testing was successful and if they will proceed with it. Sorry we don't know any more at the moment.
  3. GemmaHayes

    GemmaHayes Active Member

    Thanks for the reply :) I'm aware of CMP updates so I'm more interested in the practicality updates due to software changes and getting an update from the SCF meetings. This is particularly important for CP2 as the exam is so time pressures and depends on two external software programs and alot of shortcuts and function keys.

    Thanks for an update in advance of the exam bookings which are coming up shortly for April sitting :)
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