April 2019 IFoA QP Qn # 8

Discussion in 'SP7' started by vidhya36, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. vidhya36

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    How did the author arrived at the percent cover exhausted to 8% on 12.5M to calculate the Reinstatement Premium in this question?

    The XoL covers the $2.5 to $17.5 layer. $15M is the loss from the EQ event, out of which, 2.5 will be borne by the insurer itself. So, the Reinsurer covers 12.5 M. What I have calculated so far is (12.5/15 = five sixth of the layer) 5/6 th of the layer is exhausted. So, shouldn't the reinstatement premium be 5/6 * 15? What am I missing here?

    Any help is much appreciated.
  2. Darren Michaels

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    You need to apply the 5/6 that you have correctly calculated to the full reinstatement premium for the layer, not to the width of the layer.

    We are told that the rate on line is 8% and the reinstatement premium is 100% of original premium.

    Full reinstatement premium is therefore 100% * 8% * $15m=$1.2m.

    Since we have only burnt through 5/6 of the layer, reinstatement premium due following the XoL recovery on earthquake loss
    = 5/6 * $1.2m = $1m.

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