Block Tutorials

These are courses held closer to the exams with at least some consecutive days, offered as an alternative to Regular Tutorials. They are the same length as the alternative Regular Tutorial and cover the same material.

We’ll expect you to have read the Course Notes before the tutorial and to work hard while you are there.

Teaching days normally start between 9am and 10am and finish between 4.30pm and 5.00pm. Exact timings for all courses will be given with your joining instructions.  Please read these joining instructions carefully.

If you might need to change your plans in the light of your exam results or exemptions gained, then we’d recommend that you apply for a late-starting Regular Tutorial or a Block Tutorial rather than a standard Regular Tutorial.

Read about the tutorial application process. Details of all our current provisional and/or confirmed courses, together with full listings of dates, locations and finalisation dates can be viewed in our Tuition Bulletin.

Students attending a Regular or Block Tutorial (delivered face-to-face or live online) in the same session may purchase the Online Classroom at a significantly reduced cost.  

5/6-day Bundle

In the CM and CS Subjects a “Bundle” combines a Regular or Block Tutorial with a Paper B Preparation Day. The Preparation Day will be the final day of tuition in the series of dates.

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Certified Actuarial Analyst

We are specialist actuarial educators and we are producing a wide range of affordable, online study resources to prepare students studying for the Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) exams offered by CAA Global.

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