UK Practice Module

Practice Module Exams

We understand that the IFoA are reviewing the format of the Practice Modules for 2021 but for the immediate future any exams sat will be based on the 2020 syllabuses. More information about the UK Practice Modules can be found on the IFoA’s website.

Under the 2020 syllabuses, the required reading for each Practice Module includes both the generic P0 Core Reading and the subject-specific P1, P2, … or P7 Core Reading. The P1-7 Core Reading has been written as an appendix to the corresponding Specialist Application Core Reading but this appendix is not included in ActEd’s CMP for the 2020 exams. However, given the references the appendix makes to the SA Core Reading we have included it in the standalone SA1-7 Core Reading for the 2020 exams.

Therefore, in order to prepare for the Practice Module Exams at present:

  • If you already have the standalone 2020 Core Reading for the corresponding SA Subject, then you will only need to purchase the P0 Core Reading.
  • If you have ActEd's CMP for the 2020 exams but not the standalone 2020 Core Reading, then you should purchase the P1, P2, .. or P7 Core Reading.

The P1-P7 Core Reading includes the P0 Core Reading and the relevant SA1-7 Core Reading (2020) with the P1-7 appendix.

You can order the Core Reading from ActEd's online store and prices can be found at

If you are retaking the Practice Module then we recommend that you obtain an up-to-date version of the Core Reading.

Multi-choice Booklets

Our Multi-choice Booklets offer over 400 multi-choice questions to help students prepare for their exam. The questions cover both the generic material (covered by the P0 Core Reading) and the subject specific material (covered by the subject-specific Core Reading).

Each set comprises six A6-sized spiral-bound booklets - three booklets for the generic material and three for the subject-specific material. Each booklet contains at least 50-80 multi-choice questions. The price is £61.

If you wish to only purchase the three P0 Multi-choice Booklets without the subject-specific material, the price is £33.

How can I download further information?

Download P0 Multi-choice booklet sample

The sample above is in Adobe Acrobat format, and you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print it. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it here.

Download Acrobat

After you download the file, you must run it to install Acrobat.