Marking for ActEd

ActEd has a large team of mainly qualified actuaries who mark students' assignments and mock exam scripts in the run-up to the exams from October to April and from May to September each year.

We provide markers with a copy of the appropriate current tuition course and detailed advice on how to mark so that markers' efforts are of greatest benefit to students. We also hold a training day for markers each year (normally in October/November). Markers are able to contact an ActEd tutor to discuss any technical queries that may arise.

We operate a fairly flexible system to suit each marker's individual needs. Markers choose which subjects to mark (subject to our requirements), how many scripts to receive each month (subject to a minimum number to make it viable for us) and whether they'd prefer to mark in the evening or at the weekend. Markers are free to stop and start marking at times to suit them. We give markers full training and ongoing support to ensure that they mark well and efficiently. The payment for each script will vary according to the time taken to return the assignment to ActEd, the subject, the length of the assignment and the student's assessment of the usefulness of the marker's comments. We require all markers to mark electronically using a device such as an ipad.

Interim Payments (Winter session only)

There are two options for the receipt of payment for marking. The first option is to receive an interim payment in February plus a balance payment in May. The second option is to receive only the final payment for all work in May. In February markers receive a list of all the scripts they have marked that session, along with comments given by students on the standard of marking. This is in preparation for the interim payment. At that stage, markers can choose which payment method they wish to have. Payment is made straight into the marker’s UK bank account.

Current Marker Vacancies

We are currently recruiting markers for Subjects CM1, CM2, CS1, CS2, CP1, CP2, CP3, SP2, SP4, SP5, SA4, SA7.

If you are a qualified actuary, are eligible to work in the UK and are interested in marking for ActEd please contact ActEd Markers for further details.

Please note that at the busier times of the session we may not have the time to respond to enquiries about marking straight away. We will respond as soon as we are able to.