Advice for students retaking a subject


Special retaker discounts are available for students who have previously purchased similar material at the full price from ActEd.

Subject CB2 relies heavily on a new textbook (‘Economics’, 10th Ed). Therefore, if you order the Subject CB2 CMP or Course Notes as a retaker, we recommend that you add the new textbook to your shopping cart in addition to the CMP or Course Notes.

In most subjects we are likely to produce a CMP Upgrade which you can use to find out how the Syllabus and Core Reading have changed from 2021 to 2022. Where available, CMP Upgrades can be downloaded free of charge.

Whatever subject you’re retaking, we recommend that you buy the Mock Exam or the Additional Mock Pack, the Revision Notes and/or the Flashcards (if available and you haven’t purchased them before).


If you have not used marking before, then we recommend that you consider using Series X Marking (and Series Y Marking in the CM and CS Subjects). You might also wish to get the Mock Exam marked this time. Results of a previous survey suggest that attempting the assignments and mock exam and having them marked improves your chances of passing the exam.


If you haven’t already attended tutorials, you’ll find a Regular Tutorial, a Block Tutorial, or the Online Classroom very useful.