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  1. Hello, Sept 2017 Q2 part 1.

    I really need advice on how to tackle these types of questions.

    Here, is it a good approach to ignore the scenario and suggest actions to help improve the claims experience (I.e introduce uw, price on most recent basis etc...) or should I answer them with the scenario in mind?!

    Is the ambiguity in these questions done on purpose? In other words is there some sort of higher skills testing going on?!
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  2. Sarah Byrne

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    I wouldn't ignore the situation and wherever you can tailor your ideas to the question. As you can see the solution does this with lots of specific examples (some of which earn an extra half mark!). I don't think they are trying to be ambiguous with this question though - they were just looking for ways to reduce the cost of the option. So, you could think of ways of reducing the amount of claims (capping the sum assured, restrict option term) or reducing the probability of it being paid (max age, robust u/w, only offer to healthy lives etc).

    Hope this helps :)
  3. Yes that does help, thank you. Tailored idea generation is by far the hardest thing for this exam as is generating a large number of points.

    I find sometimes it helps to ask yourself a more simplified question when the actual question looks tough, which in this case would be “how can an insurer control claim costs?”
    Hopefully you think that is a fair strategy!!!

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