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    Part (i) of this question relates to an unemployment benefit for IP. Is this still part of the core reading as I don't recall reading about it, or coming across it in my revision.

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    Hi Sarahr, yes it is mentioned in the Glossary (ch29):

    Unemployment benefit

    Where cover for unemployment is provided under an IP policy, it is usually for an amount lower than that which would be payable on incapacity. The level is usually identical to that offered under the Housepersons benefit.

    Some companies provide cover during unemployment but change to a definition of incapacity that requires confinement to the house (this may be extended to include a medical institution) or being unable to go outdoors without assistance. The student should note that this is not unemployment insurance, which is payment if the insured becomes unemployed.
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    Thanks mossie :)

    Yes, it is covered in the glossary. As the definition says, it is not unemployment insurance, rather the level of benefits that would be payable under IP insurance if the individual was not unemployed.

    Glossary definitions are tested in ST1 (as this question shows!) so worth making sure you're familiar with them!


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