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    CB2 includes some new topics that used to be on the pre-2010 syllabus and hence some of the older CT7 questions are useful for revision. The relevant question from 2009 onwards are included in our Revision Notes but if you wish to go back further then you might also like to look at these questions:

    April 2005: Question 37 (IS-LM but change ‘Keynesian crowding out’ to ‘financial crowding out’)

    September 2005
    : Questions 6 & 8 (Indifference curves)

    April 2006
    : Question 28 (Indifference curves); Question 20 (Different views)

    September 2006
    : Question 2 (Introductory economics); Question 6 (Marginal utility theory); Question 32 (IS-LM); Question 24 (Different views)

    April 2007: Questions 2 &13 (Introductory economics); Questions 18 &35 (IS-LM)

    September 2007: Questions 4, 5, 10 & 31 (Indifference curves); Question 38 (IS-LM)

    April 2008: Questions 2 & 27 (Introductory economics); 34 (Indifference curves)

    September 2008: Question 1 (Introductory economics); Question 5 & 27 (Marginal utility theory)

    You can find these on The Actuarial Profession’s website at: https://www.actuaries.org.uk/studying/prepare-your-exams/past-exam-papers-and-examiners-reports .
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    Thank you for this information. As the 2018 exams are missing from ASET, are you able to tell us any of the questions on these papers that are not relevant to the current syllabus. Many thanks.
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    Hi Rachel,

    Good question!

    Questions 12, 30(ii) and 37 from the April 2018 paper, and questions 6, 11 and 36 from the September 2018 paper, relate to syllabus objectives or core reading that no longer form part of the current CB2 course. To caveat this:

    • Much of the core reading on marketing, advertising and product differentiation (required for some of Question 37 from April 2018) has been removed, although a small section on advertising and the relevant syllabus objective (2.3) remains.
    • Core reading on drivers of globalisation (required for Question 11 from September 2018) has been removed from the course, but the relevant syllabus objective (3.32) still remains.
    Kind regards
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