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Discussion in 'SA1' started by cw812, Jul 11, 2021.

  1. cw812

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    As SA1 does not have ASET, for those who passed SA1, how do you practise your exam technique and connect the exam questions to course materials? How did you make use of the question log? Did you join online classroom, live tutorials? Did you order Mock and Additional Mock Pack? Did you use the marking service? There are only less than 11 weeks until the September SA1 exam so I really want to polish my exam technique as quick as possible.

    I was also wondering if i should re-visit the course material in detail. i did it two times prior to April but took a break for 2 months so my memory is no longer fresh. Do you think i should just practise past exam questions in open book condition and understand how course materials would be examined? This allows cross-chapter / holistic understanding instead of understand the topic in silo chapters. I just find that the biggest benefit of reading the course materials in detail chapter by chapter is to create a table of content in your brain so that you know where to look for answers when you answer exam questions. The exam technique then helps structure your answers in a way that specifically answers the question e.g describe vs outline vs assess etc.

    Really want to learn any useful tips to make a good use of my time in the next 11 weeks.
  2. Shan

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    Has anyone purchase the online tutorial for SA1? Does it focus on content/teaching or more on exam techniques? Realized it only touches on selected topics. Wondering if it is useful for retakers?
  3. Sarah Byrne

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    cw812 - hopefully some students might let you know what they have found helpful for SA1, however the Examiners' Reports for SA1 are very comprehensive and do include structure and helpful comments. I always suggest brainstorming (or mind mapping) as a good starting point for big questions, think really broadly and this often helps you identify a structure as your points will naturally form around some key ideas. The information on the IFoA website about the command verbs may also help too as a reminder about what they are looking for (

    Shan - again, hopefully some students might reply to you too :) But, the SA1 OLC is a mini-OLC as it doesn't include all the content (and hence the reduced price for this product). We hope it is still useful and are always keen to hear feedback on how students find it.
  4. cw812

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    Thanks for the suggestions, Sarah.
  5. Mary26

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    Hi Sarah,

    Are there plans for ACTED to offer a wider range of revision materials for students ? Revision notes and ASETs would be very helpful.
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  6. Sarah Byrne

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    Hi Mary

    There aren't any plans at the moment. The number of students sitting SA1 is still low compared to other SA subjects. We did introduce the mini-Online Classroom and keep what we offer under review.

    Kind regards

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