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  1. I am looking at the examiner's report for multiple CP2 Paper 2 exams, and there are 10 marks available for summary drafting. Does anyone know how exactly these marks can be obtained? Any tips?
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    Hi Christoforos

    I think you are referring to the final marks in the summary document. If you look in the Examiners' Report for the relevant paper you will see what the marks are available for. For example, in the most recent April 2021 Paper, the marks were broken down as:
    • Clear / concise drafting of the objective, and data summary/description [1]
    • Clear / concise drafting of the assumptions and methodology [2]
    • Clear / concise drafting of the results and conclusions [2]
    • The summary report is written in clear, crisp and flowing English [2]
    • Accurate spelling [1]
    • The summary is well laid out, in a reasonable order, with good formatting to aid clarity [2]
    This is a reasonably standard breakdown of these 10 marks.

    You can make sure you earn these by including all the required sections in the summary document in a sensible order, writing clearly, concisely and accurately.

    I hope this helps.

  3. Hi Sarah

    Thank you for your response, this does help.

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