CM1 September 2019

Discussion in 'CM1' started by Anand Bharadwaj, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. Anand Bharadwaj

    Anand Bharadwaj Made first post

    How many are going to appear for CM1 September 2019? Shall we create a whatsapp group for discussion?
  2. Calm

    Calm Ton up Member

    Probably not me (since I *should* have cleared with a CT1 pass and CT5 exemption) but feel free to invite me in, I can help with the queries!
  3. James Webb

    James Webb Made first post

    Pop me in there pal +44 7502189318
  4. Michal Piatra

    Michal Piatra Made first post

    Sure, please add me afterwards +421 903 322 655
  5. SPSango

    SPSango Made first post

    I am interested +27738565794
  6. Lokesh Daga

    Lokesh Daga Made first post

    Pls add me too +918486020588

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