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    Hi, I was just wondering if anybody could provide some advice about the best way to approach the modelling work in this paper.

    I understand that from the original model we add in 2 extra parameters which are given names "FundChargeNew" and "ExitChargeCapped".

    My question really is what is the quickest/most efficient way to set up the "product projection capped chg" and "product projection incr fundchg" tab?

    I got the right answers in my method but it seemed to take a long time so I have maybe approached it in a longer way than necessary.

    to create the "product projection capped chg" tab I took a copy of the "product projection" worksheet and changed the formula in the first cell (row 6) of all the 9 "Exit charge" columns to link to the input "exitchargecapped" rather than "exit charge" as it was originally, and then dragged to the bottom each time (row 245).

    Similarly for the "product projection incr fundchg" I had to change the formula in all the 9 "fund charge" columns to link to the "fund projection new" instead of the "fund projection" worksheet.

    Would there have been a quicker way to replace the worksheet names/variable names in all the formulas at once rather than having to deal with the 9 columns separately?

    Thanks very much for your help.
  2. Sarah Byrne

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    Hi Jack

    You could have used find and replace (Ctrl+F) to change the variable names across all of the copied worksheet which might have saved you a bit of time. Just make sure you only change the values on that worksheet (select the whole worksheet)! Also, rather than dragging the change, if you double click in the bottom right corner of the cell you want to copy down, the formula will populate in the cells below (but you need to take care with this as any gap will mean the copy down stops!).

    You should expect to spend around 45 minutes on the spreadsheet model update and creating the required charts. This should still leave you plenty of time to write the summary the document.


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